SexArt Alexis Crystal - Aspire

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Sexy blonde Alexis Crystal is deliciously desirable in white lace lingerie and stockings. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Aspire" begins, she stretches out on the bed, wiggling her peachy ass enticingly. She’s daydreaming about her lover as she masturbates; her smile is playful as she crawls towards Ricky, who is watching her appreciatively. Kissing him hungrily, Alexis tears off his shirt and frees his rigid cock from his pants. She licks the head before wrapping her lips around the shaft and sucking it deep, gazing up at Ricky adoringly. They tumble onto the bed together, Ricky sucking his sweetheart’s stiff nipples, then peeling off her panties and eating her pussy until she’s trembling through an intense orgasm. He thrusts into her in missionary, fucking her with long, hard strokes and rubbing her clit to make her climax again. They switch to cowgirl and Alexis rides her man hard, bouncing vigorously on his thick pole as wave after wave of bliss sweeps through her. The lovers orgasm together, Ricky filling Alexis with hot cum; while back in her bedroom alone, Alexis reaches another peak of solo ecstasy.
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